This music video was originally made for YouTube. However, since advertisements will be placed on it, I decided to delete it from YouTube and to host it on my Website instead.



Using my photographs of Sendai taken over the years, I compiled this music video incorporating the song Aobajō Koiuta which may be translated literally as Green Leaves Castle Love Song. The picture used for the scene ‘Tanabata Festival of Sendai’ is a postcard.

The song was released as a record in 1978. In 1977, Satō Muneyuki, a DJ at a radio station in Sendai city in northeastern Japan, invited the audience to send in lyrics. Based on the lyrics sent in by Hoshima Sen’ichi, Satō composed a melody. The result is this popular song which relates a love story in Sendai. The Green Leaves Castle in Sendai is the castle of the feudal lord Date Masamune, the powerful first daimyo of the Sendai domain in the Edo period in the 17th century.

Satō Muneyuki is also the original singer of the song. This version, however, is by another singer.

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From the Gardener, September 2015. Updated August 2022.