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Bought in the Kakiemon porcelain shop in Tokyo in December 2011 after Christmas, this six-inch (ca. 15.5 cm) dish has a pretty unusual design with a young tiger beside bamboo with red leaves. The stand is included, together with a wooden box.

This smaller Kakiemon dish was bought in a department store in Ginza, Tokyo, for about $130 CAD/US. Its size is about the same as a compact disc (CD). Probably it does not belong to the famous Nigoshide (濁手) series, but to the Nishiki (錦) series.

From a brochure on Kakiemon porcelain . . .

"The first Kakiemon (1596-1666), the originator of Kakiemon porcelain, succeeded to produce polychrome overglazing porcelain, known as 'Akae' for the first time in Japan around 1643.

"Kakiemon is very different from other porcelain because of its warm milk white foundation called 'Nigoshide' [濁手]

". . . the technique of Kakiemon style was highly valued and designated as an important intangible cultural treasure of Japan in March, 1971."

The Kakiemon kiln in Arita, Kyushu

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From the Gardener: Louis Chor. Canada, April 1997. Revised July 2015.