The Kakiemon Kiln in Arita, Saga Prefecture, Kyushu

The Kakiemon Kiln
Photograph (July 1996) by W. Y. Chor

This is the hall where Kakiemon ware is for sale, price starts at ¥20,000, up to ¥4.5 million. Behind this hall is a little museum where historical antique Kakiemon is exhibited. A small pond with brocade carp links the two halls.

To get there, it seems advisable to take a taxi at Arita railway station. The fare in the summer of 1996 was around ¥880. Unless walking in the sun or rain is preferred, it is advisable to call a taxi back to the railway station. Around the area there are many other kilns. Car transportation needed.

Try experiencing the washrooms in the Kakiemon kiln complex. They give a unique Kakiemon feel.

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From the Gardener: Louis Chor. Canada, April 1997. Revised August 2008.