It is important to be clearly understood that the purpose of both South Sea Shrine and Yasukuni Shrine is to deify the war dead, as clearly acknowledged in the Japanese text of the following official description accompanying the tablet of South Sea Shrine in Yasukuni Jinja. The Japanese term "matsuru" (祀る) means "to worship deities", not "dedicated to the memory" as it is presented in the English version. The war dead are worshipped as supernatural gods.They are not "honoured" as so often misinterpreted in the misleading English media.

Stele Inscribed with the Name of Nankai Jinja

During the Greater East Asian War, the 2nd China Expeditionary Fleet attacked Hong Kong. Nankai Jinja was built on the grounds of fleet Headquarters on Hong Kong Island in 1942, and dedicated to the memory of sailors who had lost their lives during the hostilities. This stele stood at the entrance to the shrine precincts. After the war, the premises (originally Victoria Barracks) were reoccupied by the British Army. Amazingly, the stele remained standing in the same location for more than 30 years. When the barracks were vacated in the summer of 1978, a representative of the British Army was kind enough to contact former Japanese Navy officers and ask [sic] them if they would like to reclaim the stele. Since very few of the structures built for this purpose in foreign battle zones survived the war, former Navy Vice Admiral Niimi Masaichi (commander-in-chief during the attack on Hong Kong) and his former subordinates arranged to have the stele transported to Japan, and presented it to Yasukuni Jinja on June 18, 1980. Vice Admiral Hara Kiyoshi, whose name is inscribed on the face of the stele, was Commander Niimi's successor.

南海神社なんかいじんじゃ   社号碑しゃごうひ

この「碑」いしぶみは大東亜戦争中、第二遣支艦隊だいにけんしかんたい香港ホンコン攻略戦以後の麾下戦死者きかせんししゃまつため昭和十七年に、香港島にあった艦隊司令部しれいぶ構内に造営した「南海神社」の境内入口に建っていたものである。戦後その司令部庁舎は元の英国陸軍兵舎へいしゃ(ビクトリアバラックス)に戻ったが、英国陸軍はこの碑を破棄はきすることなく三十余年をた昭和五十三年夏、兵舎移転に際して、 旧日本海軍関係者が希望するならば返してもよいとの好意を示した。大東亜戦争中に海外戦地に建てられた、この種の建造物で現存するものはほとんど無い、香港攻略戦当時の海軍最高指令官であった新見政一にいみまさいち元中将以下、旧海軍の関係者有志が協力して、昭和五十五年六月十八日香港から移設し、靖國神社に奉納されたのである。碑面揮毫ひめんきごう原清はらきよし中将は新見司令長官の後任者である。


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