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CyberGardener's Self Introduction

The Gardener and his daughter in 2004

Name in English: CHOR Wing-yip, or, Louis W. Chor

Origin: Canton (a.k.a. Guangzhou), China*

Upbringing: Hong Kong and Macau

Tertiery education: Hong Kong & Canada

University studies: Sociology, political science & librarianship

Intellectual interest: Comparing civilisations and histories

Childhood readings


*My ancestors originally were from Shenyang, Liaoning Province (then also called Manchuria). Later, they probably were grouped into the Manchu administrative category of the True Red Banner (True Red Banner Army) of the Han people under the Manchu's Banner System. They moved south at the very beginning of the Ch‘ing (Qing) dynasty in the 17th century.


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From the Gardener: Louis W. Y. Chor. Canada. Enhanced April 2018